Obituary: Keith Duguid FRPS

01 May 2015

SIG: Medical

Keith Duguid FRPS Hon FIMI sadly passed away during the night of 5th March at his home in Bearsden, Glasgow.

He was highly respected in The RPS Medical Group and the Institute of Medical Illustration where he had made major contributions. His views were heard seriously and well respected. He held various positions in both organisations. Within the RPS he was active on Fellowship panels and in the Medical Group.

In early 1960s Keith trained as a Medical Photographer under Dr Robert Ollerenshaw at the Manchester Royal Infirmary and then went on to become a deputy to Dr Peter Hansell at the Department of Medical Photography and Illustration at Westminster Medical School in central London. With very strong training and experience he was subsequently appointed as the Director of Medical Illustration at the University of Aberdeen. There he made major contributions to medical education with his expertise in multi-media. He will also be remembered as former Editor of the Journal of Audio-Visual Media in Medicine. During this period he edited many high class articles.

Keith worked closely with me when I was the co-ordinator of the major projects for the IMI diploma and for the IMI diploma conversion course to the BSc degree awarded by the Glasgow Caledonian University. He was meticulous, very through and fair when marking projects and gave sound advice to those students who had not achieved the required standard. During his retirement he enjoyed his hobby of making stained-glass windows as can be seen in the photograph (courtesy of Dr Ron Callendar FRPS)  taken in his garden shed in Bearsden.

Keith will be sorely missed and fondly remember by many who had the pleasure of knowing him

Afzal Ansary.