CRCM LECTURE 2015 Professor Fercher

19 November 2015

SIG: Medical

Photo: Michael Pritchard FRPS

2014 recipient of the Combined Royal Colleges Medal Professor Fercher gave a lecture at the Royal College of Physician, London, on 17 November.

OCT – Principles, Basic Properties and Recent Developments

Professor Fercher's lecture started with an overview on the beginnings of OCT, its initial developments and its fundamental properties like resolution, depth of field and sensitivity. He then explained the basic properties of OCT-light sources and OCT-relevant sample properties.

Professor Fercher then describes some of the historic developments leading to nowadays dominating Fourier-OCT. Furthermore, some of the modern OCT techniques that are directly related to Fourier-domain OCT were described, together with their particular imaging properties. He then gave an overview on Fourier-OCT motivated light source developments.