About Us


All RPS members are welcome to join the Travel Group.

The Group was formed to promote the enjoyment of travel photography: of trying to capture the spirit of places we visit and sharing that through photography. All our activities have the development of the skills necessary to achieve this at their



• Each member of the Travel Group receives the group’s publication - Travel Log -

three times a year.


• The Travel Group E-news is distributed regularly with the latest information

about successes and planned events


• We believe shared experiences are important and a number of trips of differing

durations are organised each year


• There is an annual Spring Event which incorporates the AGM and where wellknown photographers with recognised skills in Travel Photography are invited to speak.


• All members are invited to participate in Group competitions


• All members have access to the Travel Group Facebook page and discussions



The Group is at its liveliest and most effective when there is discussion involving a wide range of members.


Another Place ¬© Philips Rogers‚ÄčImage: Another Place © Philip Rogers

If you are a  member of the RPS and wish to join the Travel Group 

  • Logon
  • Click 'MY RPS' (top right hand corner)
  • Choose the 'My Account' tab
  • Scroll down to 'Your Region/Chapter/Group(s)'
  • Click 'Join a Group'
  • Tick 'Travel Group' from the list. The amount to pay is the pro-rata rate to the end of your current membership year, after which you will pay the annual rate.
  • After the screen refreshes, check that you have ticked the right box, that the amount is correct, then click 'Pay online now' and follow the instructions.