The Volunteers


CHAIR: Liz Rhodes MBE

Liz has been a Member of the Travel Group for many years and a member of the RPS for more years that she cares to remember! Her main passion is travelling and has been fortunate enough to see many parts of the world through a number of overland trips but there are still large gaps to explore.

Her interest in photography stems from trying to improve the photos she takes while on her travels so that they will be worth looking at as reminders of where she has been in years to come.

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SECRETARY: John Speller​

John started taking photographs while at school and has passed through the stages of a home darkroom processing black and white prints and latterly colour prints and reversal in the family bathroom. He has now progressed to a 4th generation digital camera and lightroom in the spare bedroom.

The “day job” precludes devoting as much time to photography as he would wish but anticipates that shortly that will alter leaving sufficient time to consider balancing taking photographs that please him as opposed to those which the market, competitions or distinction panels require.

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TREASURER: Robert Akester LRPS

Robert Akester won his first (and so far only) prize for a photograph while still at school. Since 1999, however, he began to take his photography more seriously, achieving his LRPS in 2002, when he also became a member of the Travel Group. The ARPS still eludes him, but constitutes an important retirement project.

Travel has been a major part of his life, with a job that required visits, albeit brief, to many parts of the world. Some, but not all of these countries are on a long list to revisit at a more leisurely pace, this time with more comprehensive photographic kit.

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Hazel has been taking photographs with her husband James for many years. Photography started out of a love for travel and it is a hobby they both share. Their main interest is in the minority groups of South East Asia, India and especially Burma but they photograph where ever they are.  She has been a member of the RPS since gaining her LRPS in 2003, her ARPS with a Travel Panel of South East Asian Children in 2005 and her FRPS in 2014. Her husband is Regional organiser for Scotland and she sits on the LRPS panel.

Hazel is a GP in the Scottish Borders and so photography allows an escape form the NHS. She likes nothing better than to be walking in the Highlands with James and her dog, returning to the VW camper van at night

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TRIPS: Keith Pointon LRPS

Travel and photography have been an enduring part of Keith’s life since an early age. His first camera was a Christmas present when he was 12 years old and living in Malaya. He never looked back. He quickly learned to develop and print his own black and white prints and has always enjoyed the qualities of monochrome images.  A former teacher of Geography and Geology, it is not surprising, that landscapes and travel have been the backbone of his photography. Field trips and holidays to wide ranging places, Iceland, Antarctica, India, North Africa and the Mediterranean are a feature in his work.

On retirement he joined the RPS and the Travel group. He was elected a Committee member in 2007 and became Secretary in 2009 .  He has been a member of the Ludlow Photographic Club for more years than he cares to remember and was its Chairman for 12 of them. At his first attempt at a RPS competition he won the Gold Medal in the Open Digital for 2008 and knew that, from then on, it was downhill all the way.

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Photography has held Sara’s interest since she was six years old working in the field and in the darkroom with her grandma. However despite these early artistic inclinations, seismology caught and held Sara’s interest through a PhD and her first career in research and teaching; but ultimately, her artistic yearnings took precedence over academic science. Following her family for the next few years, she lived in rural Scotland with her husband Nick and their young daughter Esther, during which time she honed her photographic skills. They relocated to Cambridge in early 2017, from where Sara now runs a full-time photography studio.

Sara loves her morning coffee, ashtanga yoga, her family, and cozy pajamas. She is an avid traveler, admirer of formalism and abstract expressionism, wish she made more time to read, and is quite proud that she has visited every continent.

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Travelling on about six cruises a year for Cruise & Maritime Voyages gives me the chance to take many photos and to share my hobby with others as I provide Lectures and Workshops on the subject.

I am no expert and do not teach 'Photography - the correct way' but I hope to inspire others by showing them 'my way'. No not a cue for a song but it brings together all that I enjoy, Travel, Photography, Meeting People and being looked after by my wife and the wonderful crew aboard the ships.

By the way – Just in case you are wondering, I never had a Box Brownie. My boyhood camera was a Eastman bellows courtesy of Grandad. No need for an enlarger. Contact prints were great.

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The Travel Group committee has worked hard in recent years to deliver an interesting programme of trips and other events, a revised and revamped Travel Log, a vastly improved website section and a presence on Facebook. Our membership has more than doubled in the last few years and has reached an all-time high of over 700.

We are always on the lookout for volunteers to help maintain our activities and develop new ones. We would love to hear from you, even if you might not want to be on the committee but are willing to lend a hand.

If you feel you have something to offer and would like to help, please get in touch with our Chair, Liz Rhodes.

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