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06 December 2014

SIG: Travel

"Dare to be Different"

Original Article by John Curgenven LRPS

As was said in an earlier article "Learning and understanding the basics of how to set up the camera yourself actually takes you a long way towards improving your photography technique and therefore taking better photographs."

The previous four articles cover these basics and provide the memory jogger that I have emblazoned on my memory to be recalled every time I pick up a camera -


Travelling will stimulate almost every photographer with a digital camera to take literally hundreds of images. Places, views, situations and people – all serve as reminders of the many experiences during a memorable trip. And India is no exception – colourful, vibrant, full of amazing landmarks and many characters that provide fantastic subject matter for the travelling photographer.


Once home, the mail opened and the washing sorted, it’s time to sift through the photographs. Unless we’re very lucky, many will be discarded. Either because they are not technically very good, are repetitive, or embarrassing!


Some will be okay to show to family and friends (this is where those notes taken on the trip come into their own when it comes to explaining where, who, and what was that?). Then there will be a few images that will make you proud, and you’ll want to display them – maybe even offer them to magazines, card shops, etc. or enter them into a competition.



Sorting the images takes quite a long time. Back in the days of film, this rarely occurred. It’s the digital age that is responsible. It has given us the opportunity to take as many photos as we like without costing a small fortune. As long as we take enough memory cards and back-up drives we don’t worry about running out of film.


When travelling with a group of family or friends, we tend to end up with images of the same subjects from the same viewpoint, and sharing our photographs when we return becomes pointless. This is where you should try to be different and tell a story with your image portfolio.


This article is an extract from the original which goes into more detail about how to get that important image that's different from everyone else's.

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