The Different Faces of New Mexico

13 December 2014

SIG: Travel

The Different Faces of New Mexico


Pia Thommes LRPS


My partner Dave and I tend to take a road holiday in the US once a year, often around Easter. Last year Easter was relatively early, so we decided to spend the time in the southern state of New Mexico, hoping that the weather would be more clement than further north. I had been in New Mexico many years ago and remembered well the beautiful light, the clear sky and the altitude.


 We started in the capital Albuquerque and drove west from there to Acoma Pueblo (Sky City), one of the oldest inhabited places in the US, founded in the 11th century. After following a single track road from the interstate into the Indian land we ended up at the visitors centre. Access to Acoma is only via a guided tour. Access to the pueblo was difficult as the faces of the mesa are sheer but these days a road leads to the top and a minibus takes the visitors. It’s a very quiet place, very few people live there permanently now and only women with a few stalls selling pottery were on the streets.


 All around were beautiful views towards amazing rock formations. The walk back into the valley led via a narrow canyon with beautifully sculptured rocks, giving the feel that feet had walked down here for hundreds of years. From here it was a long drive through a mainly arid area to get us closer to our destinations in the south of the state ...



This article is an extract from Pia Thommes's article first published on Page 10 in Travel Log Issue 58.