Lisbon - Some Stunning Images

01 November 2014

SIG: Travel

Photography is an important part of

Colin Howard
Colin Howard's life. He has been taking pictures since his parents gave him a Kodak Box Brownie around the age of eight. He quickly learnt the basics of printing and for much of his photographic journey he was a darkroom worker and for many years was a member of Brian Nevitt's advanced photography group at Missenden Abbey in Buckinghamshire.

Nowadays his aim is to capture how the immediate environment often determines human behaviour, especially in cities, and how the influence of human intervention on the landscape often produces buildings, monuments and other edifices of incredible beauty. He gained his ARPS in travel photography in 2013.

Click here to see a selection of Central Region member Colin's photos of Portugal

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Emily Mathisen
05 November 2014

I love that image - so quirky and colourful and a perfectly timed capture.

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