Are your Images ...

10 April 2015

SIG: Travel

If you have allowed visitors and/or RPS Members to see your albums in the gallery then you are inspiring them with your work. Also, they might consider contacting you about the possibility of obtaining a print or similar.

Do you know if you have allowed them? If not, then you can find out by checking your Privacy Settings. These are on the "My Profile" tab of your "My RPS" section. Unless you click one of the first two options, you cannot be found by a "Member Search" and any albums etc. you have posted are unlikely to be seen.

This month the image selected as "Travel Image of the Month" is by Valerii Tkachenko who lives in Kiev. His image has been shared a record number of times; thus increasing his profile amongst those who appreciate his style and skill. His work came to the attention of the selectors because he had clicked the right option in his Privacy Settings.