Close to Home

23 January 2015

SIG: Travel

The Travel category is well worthy of consideration for many contemplating submitting work for an Associateship or Fellowship, and it doesn’t have to involve expensive jaunts to exotic locations!


Travel is fast becoming one of the most popular categories among those working toward their Society Distinctions. And, with travel photography a natural fit for the majority of all-rounder photographers, with no high level of specialist knowledge or creative innovation required, it is easy to see why.


Those who have achieved Licentiateship and are looking for where to go next would be well advised to consider this category.


In the past, there was a widespread mis-conception that travel photography meant making journeys to far flung places, to capture saffron-clad monks burning incense under prayer flags on a mountaintop.


But while this is of course a part of travel photography, it is by no means the only part. Above all, it is about capturing a sense of the time and place. And it could be your local town, or even right on your doorstep!


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