Intimate Landscape Photography

16 January 2015

SIG: Travel

Intimate Landscape Photography

"Detail within the Wider View"

Article and Images by Chris Palmer FRPS

With so many excellent photographs on display, an intimate landscape will often catch the viewer's eye ... and the judge's!



An accomplished photographer, a busy national PAGB judge and popular lecturer, Chris has visited more than 150 different camera clubs and has judged many regional, national and international exhibitions.



When most people think of a landscape, they generally envisage a view, a vista, or a panorama. When we venture out into the countryside it is the whole scene that we immediately see, embracing everything from foreground to horizon, and we then use our cameras to capture it, as a record of that particular place.


In order to shoot such a view many will use a wide angle lens to get the whole scene in the frame, but that approach can often disappoint, since it diminishes many of the features that make each place so distinctive. A wide view also means that you will often have to include the sky in your picture. This is all well and good if the sky has drama, beautiful clouds, or textures and colours, because this can enhance a landscape. But often a sky is dull and lifeless, and serves only as a distraction to the scene you are photographing. Unless the sky is helpful, I recommend excluding it, (maybe by using a longer focal length), and to concentrate on the important features within the overall scene.


This article is a short extract from Chris's comprehensive masterclass where he uses some of his stunning images to illustrate the lessons he has learned.

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John Curgenven
17 January 2015

Thanks for your comment Raju - glad you like the image.

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Raju Sinha
16 January 2015

It is very interesting. I like the image very much. An excellent picture.

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