Take to the Streets

15 May 2015

SIG: Travel

Street Photography

"A Beginner's and Improver's Guide"

Article and Images by Colin Howard ARPS

"Every photographer at some point takes photographs of buildings, places and people in our towns and cities. But for the dedicated street photographer, a more serious, in depth approach becomes almost an obsession."



Colin's aim is to capture how the immediate environment often determines human behaviour. He is an Associate of the RPS Travel Group where he enjoys the company of many like-minded photographers.



This invariably develops from a need to discover new places as well as look with fresh eyes at places so familiar. More importantly, the street photographer manifests a wanton drive to understand better how inhabitants adapt the urban landscape to meet an infinite number of human needs and the manner in which individuals react to the immediate man made environment around them.


Let us look at some of the more important considerations for those new to street photography:


Points to consider:

Location: choose one with three selling points – familiarity, accessible to repeated vists, landmarks of interest.

Equipment: travel light and check your camera before leaving home.

Clothing: stay dry, wear comfortable shoes and hat.

Security: be aware of your surroundings, keeping valuables secure. If possible, shoot with a partner, especially at night.

Projects: have a specific project in mind rather than just aimlessly taking photographs.

Sharing: let others see the results of all your efforts!

This article is a short extract from Colin's comprehensive masterclass where he uses some of his stunning images to illustrate the lessons he has learned.