Journey to an 'A'

19 August 2016

SIG: Travel

​"Personal thoughts from Richard Lewis ARPS on working towards becoming an Associate"


The following represent my own thoughts and experiences – everybody is different so you may have different ideas, but they worked for me:


• Do go to an Advisory day for your specialist category - this is key - you will learn so much about current thinking on everything from allowable editing techniques to preferred print sizes and print media. You will get good current direct advice on your proposed panel, and learn a lot from the critique of others.


• Do try to attend an Assessment day in your specialist category - again you will learn a lot and get a feel for what's successful and what's not and why.


• Work from the latest information - make sure you are reading the latest relevant version of the Distinction Handbook.


• Don't be afraid to ask for clarification of anything that isn't clear to you or seems to be contradictory.


• Don't depend on advice from experts previously associated with assessments - things change.


• Don't set out specifically to shoot a panel – you'll be a lot more creative when you're relaxed and better able to portray your real capabilities.


• Don't rush into deciding that you have or have not got the basis of a successful panel - give yourself time to digest what you've created.


• Do have confidence in your own judgement.


Richard's successful ARPS Panel can be seen in our Gallery


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John Curgenven
23 January 2015

Thank you for your comments Judy. I'll pass them on to Richard.

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Judy London
22 January 2015

Fabulous panel, Richard. I love all your images but especially the way you have gone from the subtle tones/harsh environment in your first picture through to the darker/warmer colours of the family group at the end. In awe and admiration!

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