Canal Walk 1 - beyond expectations

07 August 2019

SIG: Travel


The first canal walk for the Travel Group started at Limehouse DLR Station. We met at 11:00 am and made our way to Limehouse Basin. DLR trains travelled on the tracks near a backdrop of London’s financial district and there was a good chance to capture a sense of place. The basin was filled with moored canal boats and there were signs of construction nearby.  


As we continued along the canal, the path was rather quiet but this was  an invaluable opportunity in getting members to interact and to socialise as we all know that photography can often be a solitary experience. 


There were three main parts to this first walk: Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Islington. The original plan was to stop at Hackney but we kept on going until Islington where the path is cut off by a tunnel.  


There was a lot of activity at the locks and some interaction with locals jogging, cycling or walking the paths and many great opportunities for location shots and eclectic ones. 


We stopped off at a pub – the Lord Tredegar - away from the path and apparently the site of one of the first bombs to be dropped on the East End in WW2 - and later had lunch on Broadway market. Both interesting experiences! 


I had opened this canal walk up to the public and there were other people from different cultures and professional backgrounds, which is always welcome on any walk that I organise. This was my first time conducting this part of the canal walk.  I have led walks from Islington to Regents Park before, so I learnt a lot about the area and will take on board feedback from this one. 


The first canal walk was an invaluable opportunity to explore one of London’s most famous waterways: Regent’s canal, along half the length. I hope that others will join us in October as we escape the smog of the city and traverse the waterways by boat and on foot.