Annual General Meeting

Royal Photographic Society Visual Art Group: Minutes of the 2017 AGM held on Friday 21 April 2017 at the Clayton Hotel, Cardiff

Apologies for absence: Viveca Koh, David Cook, David Pollard, Alastair McGhee, Roger Towell and others. A total of about 27 members and partners were present.

The Chairman, Jay Charnock welcomed all to the AGM, especially the first-timers.

Minutes of the AGM of 2016 had been circulated to the Committee, but Jay apologised that due to an oversight they had not been circulated to the membership. No matters arising. The 2017 minutes would go on the website.

Chairman’s Report: Jay Charnock reminded the group that she would be retiring from the Chairmanship at the end of the weekend. Successes for the VAG included the Autumn 2016 meeting at Brome, Suffolk, and the on-going Cotswolds group, the Rollright Group, organised by Andreas Klatt. All members are welcome to Rollright meetings in Long Compton. Jay thanked the Committee for all its work in the past year, and particularly thanked Rob Charnock and Eddie Morton for the successful organisation of the 2017 Exhibition at its new venue in Croydon Library, which Romney Tansley and David Wood had found. No questions. Jay and Rob would organise the 2018 Exhibition.

Secretary: In the absence of Viveca Koh, there was no report.

Financial Report and Accounts: Treasurer, Peter Frisby, circulated papers, and recorded another growing membership year. It was important that subscription income was sufficient to pay for the Exhibition and the Journal. The accounts were in a healthy state, though showing a loss because the 2015 Journal costs fell into 2016-17. 2017 Exhibition expenses at Croydon had not yet been finalised, but Committee thought that the footfall was better than at the Fairfield Halls, which were currently under major refurbishment. Croydon Library had been very welcoming and it was likely we would have the 2018 exhibition there. Jay thanked the Treasurer and asked for any long-term questions or proposals to be sent via the website, where they would be carefully considered.

Membership: In the absence of the Membership Secretary, David Pollard, the rising membership was noted. David’s welcome packs to new members were appreciated.

Events Organiser: David Wood had organised 2 very successful weekends in 2016, to Bournemouth in April and to Brome, Suffolk in the Autumn. The hoped-for visit to Amsterdam in Spring 2017 had proved too expensive, the Autumn 2017 weekend would be in the area of Stratford-Upon-Avon, thought prices and parking were proving a challenge. Jay thanked David and a spontaneous round of applause followed.

Editor: No report. Jay summarised and warmly thanked David Cooke who had retired as Editor of the VAG Journal. Member Carole Lewis had volunteered to edit one edition, and would be doing a second later in the Spring. Jay begged for a volunteer to take on as Editor, without which we would no longer have a Journal. Cathie asked Jay to organise a Job Description for the Editor post, to attract volunteers. Peter Frisby had a friend who edited for Central Region and might be interested. Jay recommended he speak to David Cooke.

Exhibition Organiser’s Report: Rob Charnock said he was indebted to Eddie Morton and to Jay for all their help and support, and to all those members who had helped with the hanging. Jay added that those present were indebted to Ros Morton for her excellent catering. Rob reported that 2017 Judges were Lucilla Phelps FRPS, Cathy Roberts FRPS, and Phillip Joyce ARPS. Eddie Morton had won the Gold Medal this year. There had been 83 entrants to the 2017 Exhibition, and Selectors had chosen 100 prints for display. Most members had agreed to send un-mounted prints, which Rob had mounted unglazed, salvaging some of the 2016 mounts. A few local members had mounted their own work. He thanked those 60% of entrants who agreed to him destroying the unselected prints, which reduced storage problems. He assured the audience that he did destroy prints on request. Subsequent exhibition venues included the Richmond & Twickenham P.S. exhibition, and the Edinburgh International to coincide with the Festival. Jay thanked Rob for all his work, and the mammoth job of print mounting, which members present said they appreciated. 

Portfolio Organiser’s Report: Gill Dishart read her report. The 2 print circles and 4 email circles continued to flourish, with good numbers, though most could accept one or two new members. Numbers had fallen by 2 to 59 in 2016, though ten or more people had come and gone during the year. She recorded thanks to the 5 other Circle Secretaries, none of whom was present. She would be very ready to talk to members about joining. Information slips had been circulated. Jay thanked Gill for her work.

Webmaster/Publicity report: Roger Towell had taken over in 2016. No report sent. 

Stephen H Tyng Foundation - Trustee’s Report: Alastair McGhee was unable to attend the AGM but Jay noted that Alastair was stepping down as Tyng Co-ordinator after 40 years.  This was a phenomenal length of service and Alastair’s work was enormously appreciated. Paul Mitchell FRPS would be taking over. Jay explained that Tyng was an American who had left a bequest in the 1920s to purchase prints. It was regrettable that the Victoria and Albert Museum which now had custody of the prints was unwilling to let them be seen. Jay hoped that the Collection would be digitised to enable them to be seen again. David Wood and John Swannick said there was no point in having a Tyng Collection if we could never see it. Our new Chairman would have this on his “To Do” list. Margaret Salisbury noted that a print of hers chosen for the Tyng had been stolen. She would replace it.

Election of Officers and Committee for 2017-2018: Jay thanked David Cooke and Alastair McGhee who were standing down. Andreas Klatt had agreed to stand as Chairman. She proposed and David Wood seconded this proposal. There was a spontaneous round of applause for those stepping down and the new Chairman.

The Committee proposed for 2017/18 is:

Chairman Andreas Klatt ARPS

Vice Chairman and
Events Organiser

David Wood ARPS


Viveca Koh FRPS


Peter Frisby LRPS

Membership Secretary

David Pollard ARPS


Portfolio Organiser Gill Dishart ARPS


Roger Towell (subsequently resigned from post)

Exhibition Organisers

Robert Charnock
Eddie Morton ARPS

Tyng Coordinator/Trustee

Paul Mitchell FRPS

The meeting agreed a motion to re-elect the Committee en bloc, and this was unanimously approved. Andreas undertook to do his very best to follow Jay, a very effective Chairman.

Jay closed the meeting at 10.32 pm with warm thanks to those attending.                          

May 2017 Gill Dishart (Minuting)