Members' Exhibition 2013




January 2013 – Fairfield Halls, Croydon

March/April – Richmond & Twickenham Photographic Society, Landmark Arts Centre, Teddington

May – Smethwick Photographic Society, The Old School House, Churchbridge, Oldbury, West Midlands

August – A reduced exhibition will be shown at The Photographic Centre, 68 King Street, Edinburgh


Rosemary Wilman Hon FRPS


Graham Sergeant FRPS

Gold Medal



‘Skimming at Dawn’ by Nicki Gwynn-Jones FRPS


Selectors’ Medals


‘Inaccessible Steps’ by Susan Brown FRPS (Rosemary Wilman’s Choice)


‘Red Pepper on a White Plate’ by Neil Scott FRPS (Graham Sargent’s Choice)


‘The Escape’ by Dr David Cooke ARPS (Paul Keene’s Choice)


Highly Commended


‘Patterns on the Pier’ by Barry Senior Hon FRPS


‘The Door to Beyond’ by Dr David Cooke ARPS


‘Gloucester Docks #3’ by Nicki Gwynn-Jones FRPS




‘Menacing Posture’ by Glyn Bareham LRPS


‘Shop Window’ by Viveca Koh ARPS


‘Flooded Sea Pool’ by Linda Wevill ARPS


Other Accepted Images


John Allen LRPS, Peach Rose

Margaret Ball ARPS, Leaves, Circles of Light, View from City Hall

Veronica Barrett FRPS, The One that Got Away

Fred Bartlett ARPS, Unwrapped #1

Jeffrey Bartlett ARPS, Flying Colours

Jack Bates FRPS, Un-Holy Cross, Gill Peachy-Lepidopterist

Paul Bather ARPS, Poppy Head

Richard Bingham ARPS, 21st Century Nero

Kerry Blakeney-Williams LRPS, No More Washing

Ray Brammall ARPS, The Sentinal

Susan Brown FRPS, Edge of the Pool

Maureen Brown LRPS, City Poster Nat. Football Museum

Tony Carter ARPS, Picasso’s Corner, Seeing the Light

Christine Chambers ARPS, Acer Leaf

Mike Chambers ARPS, Tree Line

Anthony Chapman ARPS, Three in a Bed

Peter Clark ARPS, Dawn at Barnstaple

Sandy Cleland FRPS, Rafiya

David Cooke ARPS, Life Styles

Doug Crockett ARPS, The Flight to Greenwich

Barry Day ARPS, Double Take

Gill Dishart ARPS, Ghost Horses

Peter Dishart, Tables and Chairs

Peter Ergis LRPS, Rapid Departure

W. Barry Evans FRPS, Study in Black & White

Mike Feldman FRPS, Shopping Centre

Diane Fifield ARPS, Anemone Swirl

Bizzie Frost FRPS, Late Night Café, Tours

Gordon Gentles ARPS, Ready for Take-Off

Albert Gilchrist ARPS, Busker, Blackfriars London

Peter Greenwood FRPS, Icelandic Fisherman, Shapes and Shadows

Keith Griffin, Seafront in Autumn

Marian Guess LRPS, Winter Fields, Tuscany

Richard Hall LRPS, Olympic Stadium

Sheila Haycox ARPS, A Wet Day at Sennen, Beach Spirits #4

John Hoskins ARPS, Conundrum

Martin Howse ARPS, Samvado

Vivien Howse LRPS, Knot in Flight

Roy Hungerford ARPS, Glass

George Iley ARPS, The Port Fleet – Oporto

Andreas Klatt ARPS, On a Mission

Viveca Koh ARPS, His Heart Listens

Patrick Kolb, Noyers-sur-Serein, France

James Laws LRPS, Refuge

Jenny Leathes ARPS, Portrait Emerging

Carole Lewis ARPS, Right Turn Ahead, Squadron Leader

John Lewis LRPS, Leaf and Sandstone Pttern

Anne Mahany ARPS, Dog Walker

Robert Mawer ARPS, Gone to Seed

Alastair McGhee ARPS, Man Appeal

Gillian Morgan LRPS, Early Morning Light, Wind Blown Waves

Eddie Morton ARPS, Walk on By, On your Marks

Michael Norman LRPS, Easter at Coventry Cathedral

Gill Peachey, Gone to Seed

Chris Perfect ARPS, School Walkers

David Pollard ARPS, Merchant’s House, Karaikkudi, Tamil Nadu

Duncan Pummell LRPS, Misty Sunrise at Painswick Beacon

John Retter ARPS, Red Flash

Kay Reeve FRPS, Birchwood Jungle

Bryn Richards LRPS, Easy Rider

Margaret Salisbury FRPS, Boys Lie, Irish Musicians

Mick Sayer ARPS, Winter Eye

Laurie Scott ARPS, Water World

Barry Senior Hon FRPS, Trees on a Hill

John Shipman ARPS, Lobster Fantasy

Chris Shore FRPS, The Day the Earth Stood Still

Peter Smith ARPS, Mumchick

Ron Smith ARPS, Nose Cone

Gina Socrates ARPS, One Man and a pigeon

Muriel Somerfield ARPS, Thomas

Bob Styring LRPS, Table and Chair, La Petite Minoche

Mike Trendall FRPS, Ancient & Modern

Ronald Walter ARPS, The Tourist

Richard Walton FRPS, Dancer

Steve Williams, St Brelade’s Bay

Bill Wisden MBE Hon FRPS, Puddle & Patch, Hastings Impression

David Wood ARPS, Chancel Pillars, Peterborough

Michael Woodhead ARPS, End of Empire