Members' Exhibition 2015






Paul Mitchell FRPS




February/March 2015 at the Fairfield Halls, Croydon

March/April at the Landmark Arts Centre, Ferry Road, Teddington


Gold Medal:


'The Girl at the Window' by Michael Longhurst ARPS


Selectors' Awards:

'Looking Left' by Martin Howse ARPS (Susan Brown's choice)


'Great Sand Dune' (Cyanotype over Platinum) by Derek Baker ARPS (Paul Mitchell's choice)


'Tree on the Corner' by Alan Abercrombie FRPS


Highly Commended:


'The Encounter' by David Cooke ARPS


'Waif on the Beach' by Neil Scott FRPS


'Misty Morning, Southwold' by Gillian Morgan ARPS




'Dancing on Ice' by Gill Peachey LRPS


'Lonely Plant' by Bronwen Brighton


'Silence Please' by David Cooke ARPS


Other Acceptances:

Alan Abercrombie FRPS - 'Fond Memories'

Paul Adams ARPS - 'Over the Top (No Man's Land)'

John Allen ARPS - 'Acrylic Splash'

Penny Anderson ARPS - 'Cottage Garden'

Vic Attfield FRPS -'What's All the Fuss About'

Margaret Ball ARPS - 'Abstract of Tate Britain'

Fred Barrington ARPS - 'Wimbledon War Memorial'

Jack Bates FRPS - 'Morning Fishing on Lake Kerkini'

Paul Bather ARPS - 'The Wave'

Eric Begbie LRPS - 'Misty Morning on Airthrey Loch'

Pauline Benbrook LRPS - 'A Splash of Colour'

Betty Desmukh LRPS - 'A Hint of Gladioli'

Richard Bingham - 'Winter Playtime'

Garry Bisshopp ARPS - 'Goodbye Summer'

Tanya Bogracheva LRPS - 'Two Ways to Travel round Paris'

Dominique Brewster ARPS - 'Waited to be Seated'

Caroline Briggs LRPS - 'View of the Rain at Beer'

Bronwen Brighton - 'In the Tea Room'

Maureen Brown LRPS - 'Autumn Breeze'

Graham Caile LRPS - 'Step in Time'

Anthony Chapman ARPS - 'Red Ring'

Martin Chapman ARPS - 'Central Square, Curves'

Jay Charnock FRPS - 'The Hat Shop'

Robert Charnock - 'The River'

George Collings ARPS - 'Autumn Colours'

Rosemary Cooper ARPS - 'Waiting for his Wife'

Alexander Cowie LRPS - 'Zig Zag Time'

Doug Crockett ARPS - 'Urban Art'

Gill Dishart ARPS - 'Vitra Chair'

Peter Dishart ARPS - 'Walk on the Beach'

Peter Downs LRPS - 'Migraine'

Jim Easthaugh LRPS - 'A Circle of Light'

Roy Elwood FRPS - 'The White Dress'

Peter Ergis LRPS - 'Meditation'

Mike Feldman FRPS - 'Waiting'

Diane Fifield ARPS - 'Just Landed'

Linda Findlay LRPS - 'Boat, Rope and Grass'

Fiona Firth LRPS - 'Harmony in Green'

Angela Ford ARPS - 'The Gathering'

Roger Ford FRPS - 'Indifference'

Robert Galloway LRPS - 'Hibiscus'

Andrew Gasson ARPS - 'Solitary'

Albert Gilchrist ARPS - 'Bikers Creed'

Ravi Goel LRPS - 'Rush Hour'

Nicki Gwynn-Jones FRPS - 'Loch An Eilein 7'

Chris Hammond - 'Calcutta Fishermen'

Susan Hendrick ARPS - 'On the Turn of the Tide'

Terry Hollands LRPS - 'Becalmed'

Vivien Howse ARPS - 'Fennel, Sun print'

George Iley ARPS - 'Street Saxophonist'

Peter Jakes ARPS - 'New Orleans Jazz'

Gerald Kitiyakara LRPS - 'Abandoned'

Andreas Klatt ARPS - 'Gricers'

Ilonamarja Laine - 'Bliss'

James Laws LRPS - 'Private'

Carole Lewis ARPS - 'Autumn Sunshine and Rain, Glencoe'

John Lewis LRPS - 'Sunset at Loch Etive'

Malcolm Lofthouse - 'The Odd Couple'

Anthony Long - 'Autumn Rush Hour'

Michael Longhurst ARPS - 'Field of Weeds'

Andrew Marker ARPS - 'Aspen Trees'

Cyril Mazansky ARPS - 'Elk in Flowers'

Alastair McGhee ARPS - 'Saatchi Gallery'

Cheryl Meek ARPS - 'Wait'

Gavin Meek LRPS - 'Pictures at an Exhibition'

Robin Mellor ARPS - 'Mannequin'

Gillian Morgan ARPS - 'Rocks at Varietsundet'

Lynda Morris LRPS - 'Re-Charging at the British Museum'

Eddie Morton ARPS - 'Being Watched'

Yuliana Mulvany - 'Sun Trapped in a Pond'

Diane Neale ARPS - 'Pilgramage to St Michael's Mount'

Michael Norman LRPS - 'View into Threshwaite Mouth, Cumbria'

Charlie O'Neill ARPS - 'Peace Lily'

Gill Peachey LRPS - 'Astrantia Study'

Chris Perfect ARPS - 'Glamis Castle'

Aron Peterson - 'When She's Gone'

David Pollard ARPS - 'Early Morning Scene, Mumbai'

Elizabeth Restall ARPS - 'Going for a Shower'

John Retter - 'Who is Coming?'

Barry Roberts ARPS - 'Anatomy of a Poppy Seed Head'

Norman Robson ARPS - 'View from the Top'

Anne Ruffell ARPS - 'Shadows and Reflections, The Guggenheim, Bilbao'

Margaret Salisbury FRPS - 'Pink Tulips', 'Window on the World' and 'Gypsy Man and Boy'

Alan Sander - 'Anticipation'

Liz Scott ARPS - 'Pathway to Oblivion'

Neil Scott FRPS - 'Mixed Icons'

Barry Senior Hon FRPS - 'Rutland Water'

Julian Shaw LRPS - 'Halong Bay'

John Shipman ARPS - 'Pots in the Window'

Pete Smith ARPS - 'Mum in Dad's Shed'

Anna Stevenson ARPS - 'Dartmoor Pony' 'Dartmoor Summer'

Bob Styring ARPS - 'Solo Flight'

Romney Tansley - 'Bar Toilet, Berlin'

John Timbrell ARPS - 'Abstract Reflection in a Greek Harbour'

Roger Towell ARPS - 'St Paul's Reflections'

Mike Trendell FRPS - 'St Michael Panel, Ranworth'

Doug Watson LRPS - 'New Life'

Linda Wevill FRPS - 'Fish on a Plate'

John Widdows FRPS - 'Nature's Rothko'

Ian Wilson ARPS - 'Got the T-shirt', 'Waiting'

Graham Wiltshire FRPS - 'Liam Blue'

Andrew Wood LRPS - 'Near Salcombe'

David Wood ARPS - 'In Step'

Pat Wood - 'Chinese Fisherman'

Michael Woodhead ARPS - 'Holloway'

Baron Woods FRPS - 'Race'

Peter Yeo FRPS - 'Oh, C'mon, Mum'