Members' Exhibition 2014





Margaret Salisbury FRPS APAGB EFIAP FIPF

Monica Weller FRPS

Dave Yates (Chairman of The London Salon)



January 2014 at The Sun Lounge, Fairfield Halls, Croydon

April alongside the Richmond & Twickenham Photographic Society exhibition at Landmark Arts Centre, Teddington

August - A reduced exhibition will be shown for the duration of the Edinburgh International Festival at The Photographic Centre, 68 Great King Street, Edinburgh, alongside the 152nd Edinburgh International Exhibition of Photography.

October 2014 - January 2015 at Royal United Hospital, Bath.


Gold Medal:

'Wild Flower Meadow' by Nicki Gwynn-Jones FRPS


Selectors' Awards:

'Field of Sunflowers' by Linda Wevill FRPS (Margaret Salisbury's Choice)


'Lowryesque Reflections of St Ives' by John Widdows ARPS (Monica Weller's Choice)


'Running Boy' by Vic Attfield FRPS (Dave Yates' Choice)


Highly Commended:

'Aspirations of Hope' by Jack Bates FRPS


'Dreaming on the Edge' by Susan Brown FRPS


'Icon' by Yuliana Mulvany LRPS



'Evening Dress' by Paul Adams

'Shadows of Elegance' by Jay Charnock FRPS

'Beyond the Door' by Bryan Waddington ARPS


Other Acceptances:

Paul Adams - 'Changing Perspectives'

John Allen ARPS - 'Mother' and 'Child and Balloon'

Marie-Ancolie Romanet ARPS - 'In the Blink of an Eye'

Vic Attfield FRPS - 'The Silent Room'

Margaret Ball ARPS - 'Lowry at the Tate' and 'On my Way'

Glyn Bareham LRPS - 'Bedknob and Shadows'

Fred Barrington ARPS - 'Behind Closed Doors

Jack Bates FRPS - 'One of the Wonders of Wisley'

Paul Bather ARPS - 'Paper Shapes'

Pauline Benbrook LRPS - Duck Egg Blue'

Richard Bingham ARPS - 'Myvatin Aurora'

Garry Bisshopp ARPS - 'RockAbstract Triptych'

Kerry Blakeney-Williams LRPS - 'Chives'

Tanya Bogracheva LRPS - 'Graphics of Spring Fields'

Ray Brammall ARPS - 'Jay Walker'

Maureen Brown LRPS - 'Pollenca Bay'

Graham Caile LRPS - 'Jog in the Fog'

Ron Caplain - 'Not So Private Moment'

Tony Carter ARPS - 'Negative Space 1'

Anthony Chapman ARPS - 'Are you Open?'

Martin Chapman ARPS - 'The Great Storm'

Jay Charnock FRPS - 'Face Off'

Robert Charnock - 'Shapes, Route 66'

Sandy Cleland FRPS - 'The Watchers' and 'Umbrella Girls'

David Cooke ARPS - 'About a Boy'

Doug Crockett ARPS - 'White Water' and ' Shadow'

Helen Cullins LRPS - 'Birch at Verulam'

Gill Dishart ARPS - 'Storm Approaching, Sicily'

Peter Dishart - 'Glimpse from a Window'

Tom Dodd FRPS - 'View to Crib Goch'

Barry Evans FRPS - 'Forest King'

Mike Feldman FRPS - 'Heavy Burden'

David Fiddes LRPS - 'Inverndaden Tups'

Diane Fifield ARPS - 'Dahlia Raindrops'

Linda Findley - 'Seascape'

Dorothy Flint ARPS - 'Closer to Home'

Bizzie Frost FRPS - 'Dancing in the Street'

Robert Galloway LRPS - 'Orchid Mask'

Ravi Goel LRPS - 'Homework Time'

Peter Greenwood FRPS - 'The Boys'

Marian Guess LRPS - 'Come Dancing'

Sheila Haycox ARPS - 'Sheep Trail'

Shirley Hollis ARPS - 'A Dash for the Lagoon' and 'Capture'

Stephen Horsted ARPS - 'Green coastline'

Martin Howse ARPS - ''Simon Allen 'Artist''

Vivien Howse ARPS - 'Willow Trees amongst the Reeds'

Arthur Hubbard FRPS - 'Welcome Refreshment' and 'Wishful Thinking'

Peter Jakes ARPS - 'Torso'

Andreas Klatt ARPS 'Waterville, County Kerry' and 'London 2012'

Viveca Koh FRPS - 'Silence in the Gardens' and 'What Unvoiced Orbit?'

Patrick Kolb - 'Japanese Garden'

Jenny Leathes ARPS - 'An Ancient Shetlander' and 'Unoccupied'

Joe Lenton - 'Barley Field and Blue Sky

Malcolm Lofthouse - 'Parisienne'

Michael Longhurst ARPS - 'Fairfield Church'

Cyril Mazansky ARPS - 'Doorway onto the Aegean'

Stan McCartin LRPS - 'Girl in the Cloisters'

Alastair McGhee ARPS - 'Reflection of Venice'

Gillian Morgan ARPS - 'The Restless Sea'

Eddie Morton ARPS - 'Fascination'

Michael E Norman LRPS - 'Multi Storey Chevrons'

Gill Peachey LRPS - 'Leaf Textures'

Chris Perfect ARPS - 'Pickering Station'

David Pollard ARPS - 'Evening Prayers by the Ganges' and 'Market Porter, Old Delhi'

Cathy Pyle LRPS - 'Designer's doodles'

Elizabeth Restall ARPS - 'The Avenue'

John Retter ARPS - 'Going for a Spin'

Bryn Richards LRPS - 'Curve'

Laurie Scott ARPS - 'A Study in Parallel'

Neil Scott FRPS 'Red and White' and 'Enigma'

Barry Senior Hon FRPS - 'Sandymouth'

John Shipman ARPS - 'Belvedere Bridge

Pete Smith - 'Pace and Face of India'

Robert Styring ARPS - 'Style'

Romney Tansley - 'Street Scene, Berlin'

Roger Towell ARPS - 'The Announcement'

Mike Trendell FRPS - 'Silapidation'

Bryan Waddington ARPS - 'Dreaming of Trees'

Richard Walton FRPS - 'Anonymous'

Steve Williams ARPS - 'Louvre II'

Bill Wisden MBE Hon FRPS - 'Daleks' and 'Fiesta - Spain'

David Wood ARPS - 'Contemplation

Pat Wood - 'Concentration'

Baron Woods FRPS - 'Dark Satanic Mills?'