Members' Questionnaire

The Visual Art Group committee sent out a questionnaire to members to find out what members would like to see the Visual Art Group organising nationally and in the regions.  We would like to see member numbers improve and ensure that our members feel they are getting value for their subscription to the Visual Art Group.

We received a total of 66 completed questionnaires and 7 e-mails, totalling 73 responses and we would like to thank all those members who took the time to return their questionnaires and their views will be taken into account. 

A resounding number of members (93.9%) would like to have days with 3 speakers, becoming 98.5% when the ‘possibles’ are included (most of these depended on venue and the quality of the speakers).

71.2% of members would like to have workshops with 87.9% including ‘possibles’, depending on the topic etc. 

77.3% of members would like to have a local sub-group in their region, rising to 89.4% when including the ‘possibles’.

It came through quite clearly from the questionnaires that members would like events with good speakers and the VAG committee have made a start with the speakers at our Spring Weekend 2014 in Bristol with speakers, Paul Yates, John Chamberlin, Nicki Gwynn-Jones and David Norfolk and again with our Autumn Weekend 2014 with speakers Ian Beesley, Anne Sutcliffe, Martin Addison and Clive Haynes. 

Although many members would like to see workshops, there was such a variety of topics suggested, that it would not seem practical to organise a national event, except perhaps during a weekend away when they could be part of a fuller programme.  These are probably best organised at the local level when new sub-groups are formed, so that local requirements can be responded to.  We already have a South West VA Group, but we are looking into setting up others around the country so that members have events closer to home that they can enjoy.

There were many other ideas and comments made in the Other Activities section and the main points that members brought up are as follows. 

There were many comments that our weekends away need to have good quality speakers at interesting venues; that the location and lecture content should be of equal importance and that the Torquay weekend, organised with the Travel Group and South West Region, was a good model to repeat. 

All members were very happy with the Visual Art magazine, so much so, that many members called it ‘inspirational’ and asked if we could have it quarterly!

Many members asked for assistance in working towards Visual Art distinctions and, although they were told that Advisory days and other help is given by Bath, we thought it would be helpful for members to see recent successful panels and some were shown at the Bristol weekend.   This showing of successful panels, could be expanded upon at future weekends if members find this helpful.

We felt that the questionnaires gave us a good insight into our members’ wishes and, hopefully, they will notice in the future that their views are being taken on board.  We would like, once again, to thank all those members who took the time to respond.