GOLD AWARD: Menina, 2008, from the series 'Under the Influence'

Photograph by

Jacqueline Roberts (Germany)

About this image

was taken on Christmas day, 2008. My daughter, Malen, was 4 at the time and when I saw her swirling around in her princess dress, she reminded me of the Infanta Margarita, portrayed in Velazquez’s masterpiece Las Meninas. That was the moment that triggered the series Under the Influence, which is a tribute to the Masters, a playful anthology of some of my favourite artworks.

I grew up in Paris and spent many hours in the Louvre, studying the paintings. I was fascinated by the way the Masters saw, interpreted and presented the world in so many different ways. To this day, all those paintings I saw in my youth still continue to feed my imagination. I wanted to pass on my passion for art to my children, so this series is also a way of introducing them to our cultural heritage.