BRONZE AWARD: Lemon Blue Modern Game Bantam Pullet

Photograph by

Tamara Staples (USA)

About this image

The Lemon Blue Modern Game Bantam Pullet is part of a larger series collected in The Magnificent Chicken, Chronicle Books, 2013.  My uncle, Ron Simpson, a breeder of heritage chickens, has been raising and showing chickens at poultry shows since his childhood. This is a common story at The Fancy; as the shows are known to insiders. Ron shared his unusual hobby with me and I was immediately smitten. I began traveling to poultry shows, setting up a little studio and selecting chickens from each breed.  After 20 years, I’ve still not come close to photographing all the breeds.

Photography has always been a part of my life.  I’m fortunate to work both as a commercial photographer in NYC, and also as an artist.  I’ve had 22 gallery shows in the US and my work has been featured internationally in magazines, radio shows and television around the globe.

My Hasselblad was manufactured in 1971, but it is fitted with a digital back.  I light my chickens with strobes.