Squamous-Cell Carcinoma, Right Hand : 2011

Photograph by

David Dickie

About this image

Close-up view of the back of a patient’s hand showing a squamous-cell carcinoma (SCC). This is the second most common form of skin cancer after basal cell carcinomas. SCCs arise from uncontrolled multiplication of epithelial cells and usually occur on areas of the skin exposed to sunlight. There is a low but significant risk of metastasis (spreading), mainly to the lymph nodes, this risk is higher in SCC that presents on the lips or ears. Treatment is normally by surgical excision. This image was made using a Micro Nikkor 105mm lens on a Fuji S5 camera. Lighting was flash from the right and rear to emphasise the shape and texture of the carcinoma with a gentle fill light from the left to soften the shadows. Department of Medical Photography, Crosshouse Hospital, Kilmarnock, United Kingdom