Chromodoris Nudibranch with Commensal Shrimp, Bali Indonesia : 2007

Photograph by

David Doubilet Hon.FRPS

About this image

A Pyjama nudibranch (Chromodoris magnifica) photographed with an attending shrimp. The nudibranchs form a group of soft-bodied, gastropod molluscs. There are over 3000 described species of nudibranch, many of which are extremely colourful to warn of their toxicity to potential predators. C. magnifica is found in the western Pacific Ocean and feeds on sponges of the genus Negombata. This specimen was photographed in an underwater miniature studio – a white background was fixed to a tripod and taken to the nudibranch. A marine biologist placed the nudibranch on the background then returned it to its environment. The image was captured on a Nikon D2X camera and 60mm macro lens in an underwater housing. Lighting was from two flash units with a further unit providing some back light. National Geographic Magazine (Contributing Photographer), Clayton, New York, U.S.A