Turn Around (Self Portrait No.1)

Photograph by

Stephanie Potter Corwin

About this image

From a series of self-portraits, exploring insecurities in selfhood from a female perspective. The series was created in response to society’s constant evaluation of outward appearances and the ways in which people can be dramatically affected by their choices of clothing.

Taking an outfit that would normally make me feel confident and powerful, and putting it on the “wrong” way, is seen as disturbing. In creating an image that is at once both familiar (the generic, faceless female model) and subversive, the image causes the viewers to, at first glance, think that they know what to expect and how to react. However, upon closer inspection, the viewer finds that I am actually facing away from the camera, my pose given away by the backs of my knees, the position of my thumbs, or the backs of my elbows.