Bubbles Beneath a Contact Lens : 2004

Photograph by

Andrew Gasson ARPS

About this image

Tiny bubbles of air are seen trapped underneath a gas-permeable contact lens in a patient’s eye. The lens is used for orthokeratology, a process in which wearing a specially-shaped lens flattens the cornea of the eye by a calculated amount to reduce myopia (short-sightedness). The tears are shown by a sodium fluorescein stain glowing green under ultraviolet illumination with the bubbles as small blue spots. The tears follow the broad curve of the iris, at top left is the pupil and the ‘white’ (sclera) at lower right. This image was taken using a Nikon D200 camera attached to a Nikon FV3 slit lamp microscope with a Kodak Wratten 12 filter used to enhance the contrast. Andrew Gasson Contact Lenses, London, United Kingdom