Post-Mortem Dual Energy Computed Tomography Examination : 2012

Photograph by

Anders Persson

About this image

3D reconstructed image of the thoracic cavity of a cadaver. At centre is the liver, beneath this is the small intestine. At upper left are parts of the bones and musculature of the shoulder and upper arm. The body was examined using a Dual Energy Computer Tomography (DECT) scanner. This takes a series of scans, a virtual ‘slice’ at two different X-ray energies. The slices can then be combined to form a virtual 3D image and computer processing can apply transparency and colour to the various types of tissue. At post mortem, higher X-ray energies may be used than for live patients. This gives extremely good tissue differentiation. The resulting images can be used for guiding autopsy investigations and for teaching. Centre for Medical Image Science and Visualisation (CMIV), Linköping University, Linköping, Sweden