International Print Exhibition 158

Green Wall

Splash. From the series, 'Splash Art'

Lonely Planet. Radar Station, Chukchi Seacoast

Is She Local?

Sandlings #3. From the series, 'Sandlings'

Oils on Troubled Waters

Kenny. From the series, 'A Lifetime of Farming'

Red Room. From the series, 'Martin'

Red Carpet Dog. The Royal Portuguese Dog Show 2014, Estoril, Portugal


Hajar and Ibrahim. From the series, 'Shattered Pieces of a Homeland'

Wonder Valley

Horizon 2. (Quarter Plate Black Glass Ambrotype)

Casey. From the series, 'Concealed, She's Got a Gun'

BRONZE AWARD: Comfort Zone #1. From the series, 'Comfort Zone'

Comfort Zone #2. From the series, 'Comfort Zone'


Peggy. From the series, 'Knocking on Strangers' Doors'


Stars 13. From the series, 'Stars, 2014-2015'

The TV Room. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, 2015


Fighting Brown Bears (European Brown Bear Ursos arctos)

Helping Hands

Riba and Madame

Boy with Golden Hair

Wild Fire

Seagulls by the Harbour. Ullapool, Scotland (Photopolymer Print)

Southbank, London, March, 2013. From the series, 'Thames: Dark River, Still Shining'

Blank Billboard at Night. Rome, 2015

Riveted Amphitheatre




Clowns and the Mist. Brighton Beach


Freya and Billy. English Skinheads, 2014

Ralph and Billy. English Skinheads, 2014

Mkombozi Children's Home, Tanzania

Against the Glass

Clematis VII

Look Away

No Goodbye

Workshop, Chipping Campden

Cinema on Ice 3

Mountain Children Dream

Old Woman with Narcissus


Some Things About Love

Mateusz and Henryk, March 2012

GOLD AWARD: Nelson's Head, Shoreditch, June 2014. From the series, 'The Photographic Guide to the Pubs of East London'

An Imagined State in which Everything is Perfect

Ruta Tumianuma, Vilcamba, Ecuador. From the series, 'Close Wander'

One Soul



Yi Woman 8

Overlooking Iraq from Iran

Heavy Cross

Little Boy


SILVER AWARD: Tierwald #70

Portrait of a Scruffy Dog

Coney Island, Towards the Freedom Tower

Foetus. From the series, 'Mortal'

Hua Ting Hotel. Shanghai, China, 2015

Peter Hose, 2015

Chris. From the series, ‘A Woman with Two Names’

House on Fire. From the series, ‘A Woman with Two Names’

Firing the Han Dan Master

Italian Brits in London : 'La Stanza Nostra'


Standing Tall

Fitting. Art Performance by Wili Dorner. Graz, Austria

Self-made Sculpture, '100% wood'. Andorf, Austria

Caught Looking. From the series, ‘Scenes From Early Morn Drive’

Venice Solitude

UNDER 30s GOLD: Miss Mansfield 2013-2014. Nottinghamshire, UK. From the series, 'Thank Maggie'

Your Move

Grain Store. From the project, 'HS2 Walk the Line'

Kadi. (Whole Plate Ambrotype)

Roma Girl. Brasov, Romania

The Ridge. 21,000ft up on Makalu’s South East Ridge, Himalayas

Queen of the Deep Blue Sea

Mario. Portrait of a Wannabe Writer. Italy, 2012

Velo. The Veil of Awareness. Italy, 2014

Withered Fennel

Beatles Night. From the series, 'The Con Club'

Powering Ahead

Night Plays

Wedding Day

Refreshment Stop, Skye

Stilt Walkers

Purim Celebrations in Jerusalem

Girl with Apple

High Jump

Parking Lot

Having a Hair Cut

The Overwhelming Qiantang River Wave. August, 2013


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