International Images for Screen Exhibition 2014

RPS Gold Medal, Traditional: Nets at Dawn

PSA Medal, RPS Ribbon, Traditional: Diver Beneath the Hull

RPS Ribbon, Traditional: Pont de Petroli

RPS Ribbon, Traditional: Storm Force

RPS Ribbon, Traditional: Tea for Two

PSA Medal, Traditional: Between Two Worlds

RPS Gold Medal, Creative: Air 'Sylph'

FIAP Silver Medal, Creative: Dreamer

RPS Silver Medal, Creative: Head

RPS Bronze Medal (Selector's Choice - Leo Palmer FRPS), Creative: Rebirth of an Angel

RPS Bronze Medal (Selector's Choice - Rikki O'Neill FRPS), Creative: Way

RPS Silver Medal, Traditional: Wondering

RPS Bronze Medal (Selector's Choice - Tony Worobiec FRPS), Creative: Blue Rider

RPS Ribbon, Creative: The Piano Lesson

RPS Ribbon, Creative: Mad Hatters Tea Party

RPS Ribbon, Creative: Water Siren

RPS Ribbon, Creative: Horses in Sleet

PSA, RPS Ribbon, Creative: Rise of the Dark Angel

PSA, RPS Ribbon, Creative: Naughty and Nice

PSA, Creative: Sweet Sorrow

PSA Medal, Creative: Danse Damour

RPS Gold Medal, Nature: Lioness and Cub Walking

FIAP Silver Medal, Traditional: The Journey

FIAP Silver Medal, Nature: King Penguins Patrol

RPS Silver Medal, Nature: Hunting Cheetahs

RPS Bronze Medal (Selector's Choice - Bob Gibbons FRPS), Nature: Two Resting Dragonflies

RPS Bronze Medal, (Selector's Choice - Jill Pakenham FRPS), Nature: Daddy Longlegs with Egg Sac

RPS Bronze Medal, (Selector's Choice - Thomas Hanahoe FRPS), Nature: Fight

PSA Medal, RPS Ribbon, Nature: Accouplement Bicolore 2

RPS Ribbon, Nature: Pearly Kingfisher

RPS Ribbon, Nature: Black Chinned Hummingbird

RPS Ribbon, Nature: Osprey Fishing in the Mist

RPS Ribbon, Nature: Grey Heron Fishing

RPS Bronze Medal (Selector's Choice - Anne Cassidy FRPS), Traditional: Green Eyed Girl

RPS Ribbon, Nature: Herring Gull with Crab and Turnstone

RPS Ribbon, Nature: Ill Humoured Stagbeetle

RPS Ribbon, Nature: Take Pictures Together

RPS Ribbon, Nature: Mating

PSA Medal, Nature: Approche Quadrimaculata

PSA Medal, Nature: Capture Agrodiaetus

RPS Bronze Medal (Selector's Choice - Leo Palmer FRPS), Traditional: The Blue Room

RPS Bronze Medal (Selector's Choice - Tony Worobiec FRPS), Traditional: Silo Steps and Shadows

RPS Ribbon, Traditional: Awakening

RPS Ribbon, Traditional: Blow Bubble

RPS Ribbon, Traditional: Sea Beach

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