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Members’ Outdoor Exhibition

Landscape Group Members’ Outdoor Exhibition 2022/23


The RPS Landscape Group held its first outdoor exhibition of members’ work across a number of major cities in 2022/23. Having opened in central Edinburgh’s St Andrew Square, then followed at the riverside at York Museum Gardens, the event ran at the main entrance of London’s prestigious Southwark Cathedral, then a final showing at Brunel’s famous Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol.

The exhibition comprised 61 prints on 22 panels: a run of almost 24 metres of landscape images. This was an excellent opportunity to show a range of members’ photos to a broader audience, and not just the physical display: in the Gallery, you will find the photos that were put on display and links to the websites for those exhibiting photographers who have them.

Exhibitor quote:

“In the world of digital technology, this exhibition is helping the propagation of the art of photography and the beauty of printed images.”

Thank you to the venues and the variety of volunteers from the Landscape Group and various RPS Regions for the help in mounting this multi-city exhibition.

We hope to run another event in the second half of 2025!

Snowy Island
CREDIT: Carmel Morris ARPS

Online Gallery

View all the exhibited images


The exhibition on display at Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol 1st - 26th June 2023 

Long Shot 2
CREDIT: Jeff Hargreaves
Shot 8
CREDIT: Jeff Hargreaves
Build Day 2
CREDIT: Jeff Hargreaves
Shot 1
CREDIT: Jeff Hargreaves

The exhibition on display at Southwark Cathedral, London 8th - 31st January 2023 

RE Right 2
RE Left+Cath 2
RE Side Copy
CREDIT: Howard Klein

The exhibition on display at Dame Judi Dench Walk in York 26th June - 10th July 2022.

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Thumbnail IMG 2281

The exhibition at St. Andrew Square in central Edinburgh on 22nd May - 18th June 2022

CREDIT: Colin Balfour
Ed Dis1
Ed Dis4
Ed Dis3
Ed Dis5
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The images of the exhibition in Edinburgh were kindly take by Colin Balfour