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This is one of a series of talks hosted and presented by Third Year degree students of the University of the West of England. In addition to the talks the students will be launching their publication Solid Air and showing a pop exhibition. The RPS and Martin Parr Foundation Photo Hub is hosting a joint open house event during the day - details here

The talks are free but need booking individually and details of each is here.  

Eleanor Beale is a fine art documentary photographer living in Bristol, whose work focuses on unique individuals and their stories. Eleanor uses her camera as a therapeutic tool, working collaboratively to give a voice to others. She says: "For my work the processes behind the images are often more important than the photographic outcome, I want my subjects to gain catharsis from my work, the conversation and therapeutic processes that happen during shooting”. Eleanor’s current project, ‘A Leaf in the Daisy Field’ charts the growth of the unique relationship she shares with her sister through the photographic therapy they collaborate in together. “Myself and my little sister Daisy didn’t have a very strong relationship growing up, it wasn’t until our teenage years where I began to explore her Autism using photography that we finally began to understand each other as people.

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UWE Third Year students


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