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Shape Of Workstation By Jon Lipinski
CREDIT: Jon Lipinski

Western Region Monthly Competition - April to September 2020

The Western Region committee extend their best wishes to all our members.  We hope you are safe and well.

To maintain focus (pun very intended) on our photography during this period of inability to hold events that members can attend, we introduced in April a Western Region Monthly Competition. We asked for favourite images each month on a number of themed topics that could see entrants win prizes of a fabulous hardback photography book and/or an Amazon voucher.

The competition is now completed. 

Entries were independently judged each month. Each month the first placed entry became the 'Hero Image' for the following month's competition and featured on the Western Region website. The judges' selections from the first six monthly competitions were then scored by a jury panel to decide who wins the book and vouchers.

The themes were:

April:              Open

May:               Happiness

June:              Shapes

July:               Anything Small

August:          From Dusk to Dawn

September:   The Intrigue & Wonder of Abstract

The overall winner, receiving a copy of the RPS Portfolio 3 hardback book and a £50 Amazon voucher is:

Sue O'Connell ARPS, for her picture "Herdsman at Dusk". 

Sue tells us this image was an unplanned bonus after a disastrous day's shooting!

Second and third, both of whom receive a £30 Amazon voucher are:

2nd Rakesh Nar:      "Comet Neowise over Stonehenge"                                 


3rd Shirley Johnson: "Dandelion Clock"

Fourth and fifth, each receiving a £20 Amazon voucher are:

4th Peter Ottley: "Misty Morning"

5th Rachel Domleo: "Jewels of Diffraction"

View each months' entries, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners and commendations through the following links: September 2020      August 2020    July 2020    June 2020     May 2020     April 2020