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Introduction to Mindfulness - Andrew Scriven

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Mindfulness, meditation and how this links to photography.

Recognising the healing power of the mind and the importance of silence, Andrew Scriven considers the significance of intention and connection when shooting a photograph.

The workshop will explore various procedures and techniques that can be used to help every photographer connect more fully with the present moment, the goal being to help restore peace and balance in our bodies and minds.

Start 10am

Short meditation

Considering the power of our minds and reality as a perception.
The importance of setting and intention.
The first exercise with your camera will be to focus attention on the things we are seeing - colour, contrast, movement, people.
The second exercise will look at blurring the lines of division, experimenting with shutter speeds and movement to represent reality.
The gift of acceptance


Using music to focus our attention on the beauty around us and exploring our place within it.
Third photography exercise - Seeing and being beauty.
Photography outdoors on location

Return to studio.

Short meditation
Sharing experiences and photography from location shoot.
The benefits of printing and sharing our creations.
Taking control of our photography - Reducing the number of photos we are taking. Summary of course

What to bring: Any device that can photograph. Please ensure it is charged with available memory. An open mind. Pen and paper

Lunch is provided - please let us know if you have any specific dietary needs.

Image © Andrew Scriven

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Emma Delves-Broughton


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Parking available

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Amersham Studios

Rear of 31, The Penningtons

Chestnut Lane