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Portraying Florence Nightingale - A 3D presentation

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Florence Nightingale loathed having her photograph taken and, consequently, there are few photographic portraits of her, and even fewer from around the time of the Crimean war. Yet this was a time when her name was on everyone’s lips. The legend of 'the Lady with the Lamp' was born and the attention of a nation was turned towards a hospital in Scutari, Turkey, where she tended the sick and the wounded.

The few photographic images of Florence Nightingale are so famous and familiar – iconic even – that we take them for granted.

But what do we actually know about them, about the circumstances in which they were made and distributed and, more importantly maybe, about the photographers who took them?

This is the story of a quest, of a search that took Denis Pellerin and his colleague Rebecca to dozens of different places and archives, on location and online. Like every quest it had its disappointments and moments of elation, its periods of doubt and its times of excitement. All the questions have not yet been answered and some may never be. But we definitely know more about those images and why they became so popular.

Come and discover the truth behind the legend in a high-quality 3-D presentation by photo-historian Denis Pellerin. 


Denis Pellerin is curator of Dr Brian H. May's collection of stereoscopy and a photographic historian with a particular interest in nineteenth-century photography and stereoscopy.

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