Seascape By John Humphrey
CREDIT: © John Humphrey FRPS

Photographic Wellbeing - John Humphrey FRPS

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Limited to 8 places.

NEW - How to combine photography with positive psychology to develop happier, stress-free lives.

These days we are exposed to constant change. We are challenged by work, relationships, money, health, travel, politics, IT – to name just a few! As a result, the stress reaction – sometimes known as fight or flight - is being triggered all the time. This is not just unpleasant, it is damaging. Our bodies are not designed to handle the hormonal changes of the stress response and the result can be both physical and mental damage.

Photography can come to the rescue. In this one-day workshop, John presents an eight-step programme for using photography as a route to mental wellbeing. The day is a combination of photographic presentations and exercises designed to manage stress and provide lasting tools to ensure a balanced life and an antidote to modern day pressures.

Topics covered include:

Achieve the condition of Flow, the state of immersion in energised focus.

Find beauty in ordinary things to become fully conscious of our environment.

Set a photography goal as an escape route from everyday pressures.

Become an artist and let your ‘right brain’ have its say.

The workshop is relaxed and participative.

Please Bring: Your camera and some of your photographs (as prints or on camera or phone screen).

Please bring your own lunch

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The Tutor:

This workshop is run by John Humphrey. John is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society who has spent most of his working life in the field of positive psychology. He is an established lecturer and writer on photography and on mental wellbeing.

Image © John Humphrey FRPS

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Emma Delves-Broughton


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