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RPS Governance Q&A session No.2

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The greatest strength of the Royal Photographic Society is its membership: the expertise, commitment and diversity of thousands of photographers around the world. For our organisation to thrive, we must build upon that strength, ensuring that the best people are in positions of responsibility and that they - individually and collectively - can be held to account by the membership.

As we develop a far-reaching strategy for the future of the RPS, we need to ensure that our model of governance is robust and relevant. If we get this right, we can make sure that the organisation is perfectly placed to embrace future opportunities and challenges, bringing inspirational photography to even more people. You can read full details of the proposals here.

To provide an opportunity for you to discuss and question the motivations and implications of these recommendations, the Trustees and Executive are consulting with members. We hope you will join us for an open and honest discussion, to help ensure the best future for your RPS.

This is one of two events, taking place at different times of day, to give as many people as possible the opportunity to come. The other event is being held at 11am on Tuesday 23 Feb 2021 (details here).

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Evan Dawson, CEO




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