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Distinctions 1:1 Photobooks

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Please Note: Bookings for 1:1 advice will not be taken from 01/12/2021. This is to allow time for our volunteers to catch up on the recent requests before the festive holidays. Booking for 1:1 with return in the new year.

RPS Distinctions are now offering one-to-one portfolio reviews via Zoom. This means you can have a private, individual session with the chair of Photobooks Genre, who will be able to see your proposal and offer advice. This new service is open to both members and non-members alike and covers all Distinction levels, Licentiate, Associate and Fellowship. Your computer screen and that of the chair will be linked via the Zoom app, which is free and easy to download. The chair will be able to have a conversation with you as the session progresses in a friendly and professional atmosphere via screen sharing.

This 1:1 is ideal for anyone who is thinking about applying via the Photobooks Genre.

Which RPS Distinctions level is right for me?
The chair can help you with this at the 1:1

What happens after I book?
Once you've booked using the link above, your details will be forwarded to the chair. The chair will make contact with you via email to arrange a date and time for the meeting that suits both of you, and will ask for more details from you and at what stage you are at with your submission. 

How long does the advice last?
The sessions last for 40 minutes. This may be extended but this will be down to the individual panel member. 

How many times can I book a 1:1?
You can book two 1:1 meetings about the same Photobooks submission 

Member £20
Non-member £25

Thank you and the best of luck,

Distinctions team


Please note: All RPS panel members are volunteers, and we must respect their privacy. Once your 1:1 has concluded do not contact panel members directly under any circumstances. This also helps protect your submission from any suggestion of undue influence. Any correspondence must be sent directly to the Distinctions department ( who will contact the panel member on your behalf. Failing to comply could result in your 1:1 being withdrawn.

On occasion, a second panel member may be in attendance during your 1:1 and the meeting may also be recorded. This can be for, but not limited to, training purposes. Any recordings made will be kept for internal use only and deleted when appropriate.  

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The Distinctions Team


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