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I am always here. A personal journey with Tom McGahan

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In this on-going series of talks hear from leading photographers discuss and show about their work.  In this talk Tom McGahan discusses his project I Am Always Here

I Am Always Here is a personal journey along the banks of the Blackwater estuary. Shot over an eight year period on medium and large format cameras, I Am Always Here, follows the estuary as it meanders through this ancient landscape. The images tell a personal story of love, loss, acceptance and transcendence, through contemplation and introspection. The images express feelings and emotions that language often fail to express. Like the tides coming and going with the pull of the lunar cycles, I Am Always Here reveals deeper connections through  the venerability of conditional existence and communicates a profound connection to the landscape and to the wider world around us.

Tom McGahan is a UK based photographer. His personal projects are based on our perception of places objects, the passing of time and our relationship with the land. His images aim to engage the viewer by challenging them to contemplate and reflect on their own sense of reality. McGahan’s images are created using natural light and with Medium and Large format film cameras. Staying present is always a part of the process of creating the his work which brings a more mindful and considered approach to the images.

He was Shortlisted in the 2020 British Journal of Photography, 1854 Media, Portrait of Humanity Awards. A winner Feature Shoot Emerging Photographer 2019 for the series ‘Landscape of Lament’ exhibited at Aperture Gallery, New York. A winner 2017 Feature Shoot Print Swap, 'Slieve Coillte' from the series ‘Echoes’ exhibited in Group show Ambient Landscapes at Black Eye Gallery, Sydney. His ‘Take Refuge’ was nominated as on of the top rated entries in the 2016 Magnum Awards.

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