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Neal Slavin - a career in film-making and TV

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Neal Slavin is a world-respected photographer and film director. He is also a painter whose paintings and drawings have always been the underpinnings of his photographs. His work encompasses a professional career of over fifty years, during which he has photographed a myriad of subjects including such celebrities as Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, Barbra Streisand, Phil Collins and President and First Lady Bill and Hillary Clinton. He is most known for his sociological group portraits, which have been a significant focus throughout his career. He recently created group portraits for the New York Times T Magazine of film notables who have their roots in the New York City theatre and which include Willem Dafoe, Glenn Close, Ed Harris, Elizabeth McGovern, Loretta Devine and others.

His well-known photographic books include Portugal with an Afterword by Mary McCarthy (Lustrum Press/NY), When Two or More Are Gathered Together (Farrar, Straus & Giroux/NY) and Britons (Andre Deutsch/London & Aperture/NY) with a Preface by Auberon Waugh.

His feature films include Focus, which he directed about the ravages of anti-semitism written by Arthur Miller, which stars William H. Macy and Laura Dern and features Meat Loaf and David Paymer. A new documentary called SAUDADE  A Love Letter to Portugal which Slavin directed is scheduled to come out later this year. The film is about his life as an artist living under the dictatorship of Antonio Oliveira Salazar.

Slavin is continuing his work with three new books on the horizon:

SAUDADE e FADO, an exploration in photographs of the Fado and its relationship to the Portuguese soul (Saudade),  BELIEF,  What We Look Like When We Pray In Groups and PAINTOGRAPHS a series of his most recent paintings all set for publication within the next two years.

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