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Landscape Photography - The Art of Seeing the Beauty

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"Every photographer has undoubtedly dealt with landscape photography at some time. Be it during a holiday trip or an excursion to a nearby location. With full vigour, one rushed to the apparently worth seeing objects and landscape forms to capture as many impressions as possible with his camera.

After the motifs had been photographed, it could not go fast enough to develop the pictures to see the final result. The disappointment was all the greater that the photos, unfortunately, did not reflect the impressions collected on-site!"

Does this description sound familiar to you? If so, then this webinar is just the right thing for you!

So, come along and follow our Chapter Organizer Chris Renk, who is also an enthusiastic landscape photographer, while he explains his approach to capture breathtaking landscape images for inspiring others.

During the webinar, Chris will address the following topics:

  • Aspects of a good picture
  • Finding the right composition
  • How to find the perfect light
  • Shooting preparations
  • Scope of the photographic equipment
  • Photography techniques

At the End of the seminar, participants will have the opportunity to address their specific queries and insights in a Question & Answering session.

"Every photographer perceives his surroundings through different senses. The art is to transform this perception into a picture through the camera." 


Webinar Language: English
Available slots: -30-
Presenter's Website: https://chrisrenk.com

The webinar will be held via Microsoft Team Videoconference.

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Booking will be possible upon 15. October  2020 00:01 until
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Chris Renk


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