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The Beauty of Munich's Subway Architecture

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Besides the S-Bahn, the Munich underground is the most important means of public transport in the Bavarian capital Munich. Since the opening of the first line on 19 October 1971, a network with 103.1 km of tracks and 96 stops has been built.

When the first underground stations were put out to tender in the mid-1960s, the interest of many architects in participating in their construction was relatively low. The underground architecture, which was characterised by simplicity and functionality, was considered to be of little interest and unprofitable.

In the course of the 1980s, the demands on an attractive design of underground stations gradually increased. Bright, light-filled rooms were intended to counteract the feeling of oppressiveness beneath the ground.

Every day, around 1.9 million people are using Munich's underground, whether for work, shopping or cultural activity. On their way, they are so absorbed in their smartphones or in such a hurry that they do not notice the beauty of the architecture around them.

This is why the Photographer Chris Renk has set out to capture this beauty and make it visible to others.


Follow Chris Renk in this Online-Talk, in which he gives an inside about his photographic experiences during his trips down in the underground of Munich's subways. 

Furthermore, he also provides an insight into the photographic techniques and equipment he used for capturing the Architecture of the Underground stations.

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