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Getting the most out of printing your digital images

Event info

Presentation by Max Robinson FRPS.

The range of topics likely to be covered are

  1. How to expose correctly - use of the camera's histogram.
  2. Optimal conversion of files from raw to TIF
  3. Handling wide dynamic exposure ranges.
  4. Brief overview of colour space / calibration of the monitor
  5. Perfecting the colour image.
  6. Conversion from colour to B&W using NIK software for printing.
  7. Making selections of the image
  8. Use of layers and channels
  9. Pre-Sharpening and sharpening for output.
  10. Image size / image resolution.
  11. Software for best printing results.

Max will also show a selection of his work.


Event Organiser

Rob Kershaw ARPS



SSEB, Le Jardin restaurant

Fabrikstrasse 37