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Collaboration in visual storytelling

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Rehab Eldalil will be talking to the Contemporary Group about Collaboration in visual storytelling on Monday 23rd November 19.00 to 20:00

Featured in the RPS Journal v.160, n.7, Rehab Eldalil is a documentary photographer and visual storyteller based in Cairo, Egypt. Her work focuses on the broad theme of identity explored through collaborative approaches. Using her personal experiences as inspiration; as an advocate for native Bedouin community rights and a certified scuba diver and experienced mountain trekker, Rehab is drawn to topics that challenge linear identities and oriental ideologies. With rising issues on borders, stigma and general loss of identity around the world, her work advocates for social justice and understanding.

Rehab is co-author of “The Road to Tahrir” a best-selling photo book that documents the Egyptian Jan25 revolution. She is co-founder of Catherine Exists; a volunteer-based initiative that empowers Bedouin communities in South Sinai.

Graduating this year with an MA in photography from Falmouth University, UK, she is also a finalist for the Catchlight fellowship 2020 and grantee for Magnum Foundation’s Arab Documentary Photography Program 2020.

In her project The Longing of the Stranger Whose Path Has Been Broken, Rehab explores the idea of belonging by reconnecting to her Bedouin roots. Working collaboratively with the Bedouin community to depict a contemporary portrayal of the Bedou’ identity by inviting the community to engage with the photographic bodies of work by adding their commentary in traditional mediums such as embroidery, sound and poetry.

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