CREDIT: Len Metcalf

The environmentalist, the educator and the artist

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Len Metcalf talks about how he uses his creative photographs of trees and critically endangered wilderness areas to stimulate ongoing environmental conversations.  He illustrates his talk with his mesmerizing monochrome photographs of the Tarkine in Tasmania and near his home in the Blue Mountains, Australia.  He challenges us to engage in conversations in our own work to educate others.  Len talks about how photography is deeply personal for him, particularly when it is considered an art.  He demonstrates how his art is a mirror shining back at himself teaching him about who he is. 

Len Metcalf is an artist currently living in Sydney Australia.  He has had a lifelong passion for art, drawing in pencil and ink, watercolours and printmaking. Photography has turned out to be the dominant art form through the years. Len has also had a lifelong passion for education, which he has made his career.  Len has been teaching photography full time for the past ten years and runs his own photography school.  Len publishes a limited edition journal dedicated to celebrating creative photography.

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Alan Cameron LRPS




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