Ariel View Of Cromer By David Baxter LRPS
CREDIT: David Baxter LRPS

Project Frontiers: Photograph Edgelands

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We are launching a collaborative project, which has been organised by the RPS North Wales Region, involving several RPS UK Regions and Special Interest Groups. The aim of this project is to encourage photographers of all levels to work on a photographic project in your vicinity, and to engage with the RPS and fellow photographers.

The topic is the photographic exploration of peri-urban areas, often also called "edgelands" or "fringelands". These are the transition zones between urban areas and the natural environment. The idea is to approach locations we are usually inclined to regard as not worthy to be photographed.

For further information on the project, please use the links below:

To take part in this project you must be a member of the RPS Creative Eye Group and register by booking a ticket. This will put you on the list of photographers submitting work. We may need to cap the submissions, so please book your place as soon as possible. By booking, you are committing to the production of the images along with the statement of intent for submission into the final body of work.

To participate, please note that your statement of intent should reach the event organiser before Wednesday 30th June 2021 (further details in the Project Information document linked above).

Participation is free and is open to RPS Creative Eye Group members only.

Event Organiser

Moira Ellice ARPS




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