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'Lightroom Tips and Tricks' - Joe Houghton

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Joe is an Adobe Certified Expert in Lightroom, and has used this powerful image processing programme since before it was officially released. He has trained hundreds of photographers at all levels to use Lightroom, and produced video training courses. His catalogue has over 600,000 images in it.

This session will teach you new and fascinating ways of using the power of Lightroom Classic, all presented in an engaging and easy to follow style with questions encouraged at any point.

Joe will be using the latest version of Lightroom Classic. We'll do an hour in the Library module, have a 10-minute break then do the final hour in Develop, showing everyone tips, tricks, shortcuts and hopefully giving everyone some useful ideas on organising, finding and then editing their images.

Joe is happy to take questions as we go to make the whole session as fun and interactive as possible.

Tickets available from 1st May 2021

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