Sun breaking through over a stand of trees in snow covered landscape
CREDIT: Paul Gallagher

East and West with Paul Gallagher

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In this hour-long talk Paul Gallagher, one of the most accomplished landscape photographers in the world today, shares images created over five years of exploration east and west.

"Over the past five years I have dedicated a lot of time to exploring the landscapes of America, Japan and China. Working in the abandoned towns and farms on the open plains of the Dakotas and Montana in the USA was an eye-opening experience and one that takes you back in time in these bleak environments. The opposite to this was my experience of the bitter cold, elemental landscapes of winter in Hokkaido, Japan, and the exploring the vastness and grandeur of the granite spires of Yellow Mountain in China. The three environments could not be more different, but as a photographer, they left me spellbound.”

Paul Gallagher has been a professional landscape photographer for over 35 years and his photography has taken him around the world. In 2009 he co-founded the photography workshop company Aspect2i and he now leads workshops worldwide. Although Paul dedicated over 25 years to using large format cameras and wet dark room printing, he now mainly uses digital platforms for both capture and printing.

Paul has written extensively for photographic press about his techniques and approach to landscape photography and digital image production for decades. His book Aspects of Expression discussing the expressive monochrome image was released in October 2008.  His fine art limited edition book Chords of Grey was released in 2010 and has achieved 5 awards to date. His book Exploring Black and White Photography, A Master Class released in August 2016 has achieved “Best Seller” status.

Old building, American Prairie

All images are © Paul Gallagher

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