A Landscape Workshop with Steve Gosling

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The Workshop:

Steve Gosling professional Landscape Photographer, will help you in developing basic techniques, getting the best out of your equipment, taking more creative approaches to your photography, dealing with the aesthetics of photography,  and trying to capture mood & emotion in the landscape.

Dungeness where the wild west meets the post-apocalyptic

Dungeness is a headland on the coast of Kent, England, formed largely of a shingle beach in the form of a cuspate foreland. It shelters a large area of low-lying land, Romney Marsh. The landscape certainly divides people – a broad, echoing flatness with the famous nuclear power station on one side, the shingle dipping into the sea on the other.  Railway carriages are turned into quaint and spooky dwellings.  The nature reserve is incredible: a third of Britain’s plant species can be found in this one area, and the waterbirds bob about oblivious to how rare they are.

Dungeness The Fifth Continent a place like no other!


We will meet in the car park near the New Lighthouse Dungeness at 9.30am There is a tea room adjacent to the car park and we will start our day there with introductions and a short input from Olympus Ambassador and Tutor for the day, Steve Gosling, to get your creative juices flowing for the day.


Steve will give you guidance and advice throughout the day to help you develop your landscape photography (including help on using filters, improving composition and getting the best out of your camera). For those who maybe interested a representative from Olympus UK will also be on hand with a range of kit to let you try out their cameras and lenses.’

Teas & coffees will be included in the price at the Introduction session.

Steve will help you in developing basic techniques, getting the best out of your equipment, taking more creative approaches to your photography, dealing with the aesthetics of photography,  and trying to capture mood & emotion in the landscape.


Equipment: -

Camera/s (with a good supply of memory cards) and lenses (always helpful on a photographic workshop!)


At least one fully charged battery (don’t laugh – I’ve had people come to workshops with no battery power) preferably with one or two spare batteries (we could be out shooting all day and there won't be many/any opportunities to charge batteries during the day);

Filters e.g. neutral density graduated filters, polarising and neutral density filters would be useful;

Microfibre lens cloth (I find a lens cloth essential when I'm shooting to keep the front of the lens dry and free of rain spots);

 Clothing (essential, as this isn’t a Naturist workshop 😊): -

The weather in the UK can be unpredictable (to say the least). At any time of the year we can expect rain, wind, cold & sunshine (possibly in the one day!) so please come prepared.

Suitable windproof/waterproof clothing will be essential and I would suggest bringing layers so you can adjust your clothing to the prevailing conditions. I would normally have with me base layers and leggings with a number of other layers to put on as necessary (mainly wicking tops and fleeces) topped off with a good warm & waterproof coat. Denim/cotton jeans are definitely not recommended – once they get wet that’s how they’ll stay for a very long time! In my view a hat, gloves and scarf would also be essentials.

A good, strong pair of walking boots (or shoes) are recommended. And as we’ll be working on beaches waterproof boots would be advisable. I'm sure you'll also find a warm pair of socks useful - standing around with cold feet is no fun and not good for stimulating the creative juices!

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Melanie Chalk


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Toilets available on the site

Restaurant Pub and Cafe on site for coffee and lunch

Britannia Pub

The Pilot

End of the Line Cafe and Toilets

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