Creative Photography Workshop with Glenys Garnett

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Most of us pick up a camera at some point in our lives, in fact many of us carry one around in our pocket. It is easy to get drawn into the technicality of the equipment and forget that photography is about vision, imagination and seeing, or the ability to envision something in your mind’s eye and then make it happen with the tools at hand.

I will talk you about how creativity is a skill you can learn and apply to your photography, and how my own personal vision and approach to image making might help you to identify where you might find inspiration and purpose in your own work.

I will show how I build some of my composite images starting with in-camera techniques, use of textures, through to more complex compositions. The day will allow you to examine your own personal approach to creativity and develop ideas, skills and tools that you can then use in your image making.

There will time to practice some of the techniques you will be shown so it is essential for you bring your camera along with you to participate in some of the exercises.

The workshop will run from 10 am to 4.30

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Camera and Phone


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Melanie Chalk


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Parking (poss charge £2 for the day)

Tea and coffee available throughout the workshop

Toilets on the premises

Please bring lunch


Samphire Hoe Education Shelter

Samphire Hoe


CT17 9FL

Samphire Hoe