Abstract architectural image by Brenda Tharp
CREDIT: Brenda Tharp

Photography Close to Home with Brenda Tharp

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In this hour-long talk based on her book Extraordinary Everyday Photography, Brenda Tharp shares herphilosophy and approach to photographing a variety of things, and talks “about how I find images to make, or rather how they find me.”

“Like photographers the world over, my life has been radically changed with COVID restrictions, and the freedom I had to travel and photograph my beloved landscapes, and wildlife has been seriously throttled. Yet because I also like to photograph many subjects, I’ve been able to continue doing that, just closer to home! Like the master Ernst Haas, (and Britain’s Charlie Waite), I am drawn to light, shape, pattern and gesture, no matter what the subject may be. Now that I have to be closer to home, I am continuing to turn my lens towards scenes and things that are right around me that are interesting studies. Based on my book Extraordinary Everyday Photography, I’ll share my philosophy and approach to photographing a variety of things, and talk about how I find images to make, or rather how they find me. It’s essential to keep our eyes wide open and our skills well oiled. This is the perfect time to get out and find the extraordinary in the everyday world around us.”

Brenda Tharp is an acclaimed photographer, teacher, author and speaker who leads international photography tours and workshops. Brenda loves sharing her own passion for the world around her with others and is driven to help people see creatively and open up to what is around them. She guides students to express a personal vision through their own photography. Brenda wrote Expressive Nature Photography and her fine art images are in private collections across the USA. She maintains an extensive online print gallery and is part of Dewitt Jones’ HealingImages.org association.


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All images are © Brenda Tharp.

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