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Free Thinking -A Creative Approach to Photography

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Doug and Valda will talk about the rewards that can be found when viewing the camera as not just a recording device.They will discuss the joys and frustrations when one sees the camera,  more as a paintbrush, with which to interpret the landscape. They will discuss the very real importance of producing a physical print - never more so than now, in the digital age where no tangible evidence of our creativity exists.

Valda and Doug both hold strong convictions that as creative individuals we should not be constrained by rules or conventions imposed upon us by others. Just as artists using other media express themselves freely, so should we with our cameras and software - whether our style is abstract and painterly or we choose another path. In their talks they will expand on how we all might find our own creative voice and the importance of doing so.
These talks will not simply be the speakers showing us their images and talking about them - rather they will be practical and challenging, encouraging self-reflection - exploring techniques and looking at influences in art, considering ways in which we might begin to think and work in more abstract styles. Valda and Doug welcome questions and will be available at lunch time - please come and introduce yourself.




Doug and Valda have been teaching workshops for several years. They introduced their popular 'Impressions of London' series while working with Charlie Waite at Light and Land which encouraged people to break free of conventional photographic decrees in search of a more imaginative approach using techniques such as intentional camera movement and multiple exposure.

In the spring of 2018, they parted company with Light and Land in order to set up their own partnership. They now offer a varied selection of workshops ranging from tuition in the basic techniques, printing together with more advanced course which help people to develop their own creative voice.


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Melanie Chalk


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Wye School

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2 Oct

Workshop with Doug