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Those Who Inspire Me (and Why) with Brooks Jensen

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The creative life in photography can easily be consumed by technique and gear. But the art life is more life-encompassing than that. In this talk, Brooks Jensen will present a few particularly inspirational examples about photography and the art life that come from some unlikely sources — photographers and non-photographers. These examples are from his on-going series of audio commentaries — ‘Those Who Inspire Me (and Why)’ — at LensWork Online. This series lays emphasis on project-oriented photography and photographs presented "off the wall." If you are looking for ways to expand your photographic outlook outside the matted and framed print on the wall, this presentation will offer many examples of creative alternatives.

  1. Pedro Meyer - Image versus Print
  2. Jerry Uelsmann - Gathering Assets
  3. David Bayles - The Pile of Prints, Finding the Project
  4. Hokusai - The Penny Print
  5. Charles Dickens - Storytelling Without a Plot
  6. Basho and Hemingway - Haiku and the Six-Word Story
  7. Wright Morris - Image and Text, Photographer as Storyteller
  8. Minor White - What Else It Is
  9. Todd Walker - Self-publication

Plus: Seeing in SIXES and the LensWork Community Book Projects

Brooks Jensen is a fine-art photographer, publisher, workshop teacher and writer. He may be the world’s most-often quoted living photographer. He and his wife Maureen Gallagher are the owners, co-founders, editors and publishers of the award-winning LensWork. With subscribers in 72 countries, Brooks’ impact on fine art photography is truly world-wide. His long-running podcast on photography and the creative process is heard over the Internet by thousands every day. LensWork is currently in its 27th year of publication. LensWork Publishing is at the leading edge in multimedia and digital media publishing with LensWork Extended — a PDF-based, media-rich, expanded version of the magazine. LensWork Online is a membership website with literally terabytes of online content including videos, audios, workshops and inspiration for your creative photographic endeavours. Brooks' personal work can be seen in his on-going series, Kokoro, a PDF-based, downloadable periodical. Brooks Jensen is also the author of ten best-selling books on photography and creativity.


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